Festival Hair

We all love going to the odd festival now and then.. some more then others!

What I love the most is your hair can be a bit more far out the to what you would normally ever wear you hair like!

Plaits and braids are always a great go to hair style for any festival or concert as it will stay fashionably out the way and doesn't need any maintenance! Plus you can leaving it for a couple of days!

Space buns have made a come back .. if you haven't already noticed!

Yeh they look cute on the right girl day to day but that's the beauty of festival hair! .. You will look cute too!!

There is no way you have missed the hair glitter phase!!?? Yes get involved and go crazy!

It is so much more simpler than you think to DIY an on trend style. Most likely with what you have already got in the house!

Check out my easy how to video and if you have young daughters they will LOVE THIS for the next event!

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