The Million Dollar Man

Vicky had contacted myself to do her bridal hair along with Jillian Elizabeth at Cosmetique to do her make up. When I meet Vicky she explained that herself and her fiance Wanye and were planning a wedding that they will only do once so they wanted to make it extra special and do something different. That they definitely did!

Being wrestling fanatics they were big fans of The Million Dollar Man. The 62-year-old wrestler, who’s full name is Ted DiBiase. Who is now an ordained minister. They decided it would be great to fly Ted in from Mississippi to Scotland to officiate the ceremony

Vicky and Wayne got married at Kilconquhar Castle Sunday 30th October 2016.

I arrived in the morning whilst Vicky was just finishing having breakfast with the Million dollar man. Not something you do every day! I heard wonderful stories about him, that he was a very down to earth man and that he told amazing stories about his life. He did actually come into the room with Vicky's dad whilst Jillian and I were working on hair and make up . Although I actually didn't realise until after I was told!

Vicky was so calm the whole morning and looked amazing when she stepped into her strapless sweetheart wedding dress. Her hair swept up in a volume of loose curls with a diamonique tiara and natural bridal make up. With a little drink of Scottish courage in a tartan hip flask she was ready to walk down the aisle.

With all that Vicky had told me I was excited to take a quick walk around the castle as the groom was arriving in Del Boy style Trotters van! After everyone was inside I managed to get a quick selfie! But that was not all the transport the couple had arranged. The next day they had hired a Jurassic Park inspired jeep to take them to the airport for their honeymoon in California.

There was also another surprise when they were getting married by the Million Dollar Man. Being Harry Potter fans....Yes you guessed it .. They had an owl fly down the aisle with the rings. That were inscribed. Inspired by the wrestlers famous catchphrase “everybody has a price.” Wayne’s inscribed with “true love is priceless” whereas Vicky’s more dainty ring features simply a dollar sign and “priceless”.

Vicky also wore her veil over her face walking down the aisle which only a few of my clients have done in the past.

Now you must be thinking what about the cake, being a big part of any wedding what did they have!? Well of course it was one of a kind featuring not only the bride and groom but The Million Dollar Man in his kilt! On the board walk in Santa Cruz (where they will be having the honeymoon) with Kilconquhar Castle on the 3rd tier... then Micky and Minnie mouse standing at the top of the castle! Yes they had a Disney spin on the reception where even Lumière the candle stick holder made an appearance!

Images by Kirsy Brown at Memento Studios

Make up by Jillian Elizabeth at Cosmetique

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