Dyson Hairdryer Review

When I 1st heard Dyson were making a Hairdryer I was excited. Giving Dysons history in airflow this was going to be good.. But how good!?

I won't bore you with all the technology of it.. However I find that 4 years, 103 Dyson engineers, Trichologists, Stylists and 1,010 miles of hair to study the science of hair and create the best ever hair dryer to date is pretty damn interesting!

But what makes it the best?

Is it the light weight, the low noise, the fast drying? Well these are to me just the added bonuses cause lets face it your not gonna fork out £299.99 for that ..So What are you splurging out on? What's so good about it?

I can tell you 1st hand that when it comes to blow dries on clients I excel however when it comes to drying my own hair it's just is a frizzy mess and ends in a having to use the straighteners over it to tame it...Sound familiar?

Even if you are not a hairdresser you can now have a professional blow dry at home each day. Without having to straighten it after!

My hair looks healthy and glossy.. Oh so glossy, it feels amazing! That is just with a quick blast dry!

Also have to give the magnetic nozzle as quick mention as well .. Just great to see it instantly attach and not fall off!

So my opinion is, Next time you need to replace your straightners buy the Dyson Hairdryer instead.

Just like the 10sec dyson hand dryers in the public toilets, when its not a dyson we are disappointed. Standing there might as well blow on our own hands!

To me its exactly like that.. It has to be Dyson.

I could not go back to any other dryer now!

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