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Health & Safety

At Hair Ups I am always dedicated to creating a safe environment for my clients in salon and on location.  Your health and safety will remain one of my top priorities along side excellent customer service and of course creating beautiful hair styles. 

Covid19 has brought further health and safety procedures for hair stylists to ensure your safety. 

Adhering to government guidelines, there are new measurements in place. 


Here is what you can expect on your visit to my studio:

  • Bookings will remain by appointment only 

  • Please arrive to your appointment alone (Group Bookings are unavailable at the moment

  • My times schedules always included time for cleaning however as advised an additional 15 mins will be applied to your booking 

  • To avoid any cross over please arrive to your booking on time (if you are early you may have to wait outside, if you are late you may loose your booking and a refund will not be given)

  • On arrival, the main door will be open however our inner door will be closed.  Hand sanitizer provided must be used before ringing the bell for attention and I will open the door for you.

  • You will be asked if you have any symptoms before entering the studio. 

  • Your details will be kept on file (as always) and will be contacted for test and protection if required. 

  • Face masks must be wore at all times during your visit  (can be provided for a small charge of £1.50)

  • You are advised not to bring a jacket as the virus can stay on fabric for a few days however a bag will be provided for your belongings 

  • I will stand behind you and communicate through the mirror  

  • It is advised to keep communication to a minimum in order to prevent transmission of the virus via infected droplets.

  • Screens will be displayed at each side of your chair.

  • Refreshments and magazines can no longer be provided however water can be given in a disposable cup if required.

  • A disposable gown will be used during your visit 

  • Payments will be taken whilst you remain seated either by cash, card or bank transfer 

  • Toilets are still available to use however as it is a shared toilet you will be asked to wipe down surfaces after use

  • To reduce your time spent in the studio, bridal consultations will be carried out by Zoom/Face time prior to your appointment

  • Any images will be taken on my phone and send them to you

  • As you leave you will be guided to another door and I will open this for you 

*I will also be wearing a face covering including a disposable apron, thoroughly cleaning all tools and surfaces after each appointment to ensure your safety. 

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