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My Story

"Passion for hair"


Hair has always been an interest to me.

When I was 16 I studied at Dundee College where I learned how to cut,  and style hair.  Throughout my studies it was styling I enjoyed the most.

I would always have my hair up or styled and styling my family’s hair from a young age.  Before I knew it I was styling all my friends hair for every night out!

Realising I had a talent and passion for hair ups I would spend hours practicing and learning the craft. 

I started my business full time in 2014 and it has gone from strength to strength.  

 I love my work and being mobile, not only do I see amazing places I meet talented people and build friendships.  Being part of a network in the beauty industry, one thing always leads to another.


My Vision

My vision is to create beautiful hair styles for all my clients that  makes them feel special and glamorous.

I aim to make all my clients feel at ease and come up with creative hair designs for every occasion even when it comes to thinking outside the box for photoshoots.


You can follow me on Pinterest and get some fantastic hair ideas from around the world.  I can also see what hair styles interest you and get a feel for the style of  your wedding, which will be great when it comes to designing your perfect bridal hair! 

Bear in mind that most of the picture on there will have used hair extensions.

It is great to use additional hair pieces and extensions to create your dream hair.

Enhancing your natural hair and you won't even notice you have them in! 

Plus they can be removed easily when you take your Bridal Hair down.

I can colour match your hair, advice you of the correct ones

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